UGRACH Sandhill Brita AD AS AG AJ AR OA AXJ NAC OJC NGC TN-N CL3-R CL3-F 10/9/99 - 4/28/15 
True to form, Brita went out in her own way, waited for Mike to come home to say goodbye then died less than half an hour later on our way to the vet. So loved this girl. She came to us just days after her first birthday from a North Dakota cattle ranch, raised in a barn, never lived in a house. She curled up in a corner of the couch and watched everything for a month before decidin...g it was safe to come off and be a normal Border Collie. She had already started some cattle herding training and thought agility was stupid but did it because Mike asked her to, finally learning to love it. She was the matriarch of Ignited, every dog with the Ignited prefix in their pedigree goes back to her. What a legacy she leaves behind her. We're so going to miss her grumpy old lady puppy raising, she was the absolute best at showing the babies that not every dog is glad to see them. All she had to do was raise her lip and the pups would stop in their tracks and honor her. Our kids gave her the nickname Brita Honey after the candy bar Bit-O-Honey, no one ever met a sweeter girl. I'm sure Dazzle has already met you at the bridge and has shown you the way. Run free Honey, hope there's a breeze to blow through your hair. Love and miss you so much.