Our goal at Ignited Border Collies is to raise healthy Border Collies with superb temperament, intelligence and structure, with the drive to do anything their owners want from them.  The majority of our pups go to performance homes and are competing very successfully in agility and flyball.  Our dogs have been naturally reared on a raw food diet since 1998 for optimum health.  The pups are also started on the raw diet between 3 and 4 weeks old and the dams are encouraged to continue nursing them for as long as they want, we never force wean them, let the mommas make the decision.   We feel our natural rearing is a big part of why our dogs are so successful in their owners chosen venues.  All pups are vet checked, CERF and BAER tested before leaving for their new homes.
Our dogs live in the house, not crates or kennels.  Pups are born and stay in a quiet room until their eyes open, around 2 weeks of age, then are moved to a big puppy pen in our great room.  There they are exposed to all the noise and hubbub of normal living, dogs running around and barking, loud tv, noise cds and so on.  At about 5 weeks of age they start running the house with our pup tolerant dogs and are slowly exposed to the not so pup tolerant dogs so they learn not all dogs want to play with them.  As the pups grow, they are provided with mini pieces of agility equipment, many different types of footing and whatever else we can think of to expose them to. Very quickly they learn to love tunneling, climbing, tipping and banging their new toys. By the time they go to their new homes they are fearless and ready for anything!  All pups are sold on limited registration.  Most litters are dual registered ABCA/AKC.

We’re located approximately 40 miles south of Chicago.